Flat Fix Tyre Sealant Flat Fix - No more Puncture Extreme conditions require Flat Fix Tyre Sealant Active Tire Balance Tyre Sealant Pump

Flat Fix Tyre Sealant

- when only the strongest are strong enough

Flat Fix punkteringsskyddFlat Fix Tyre Sealant seals the tyre from inside and makes it puncture free. Flat Fix is a liquid fluid which being pumped into the tyre and repairs hole after hole during the entire life of the tyre. Flat Fix Premium, with Kevlar fibers, repair holes up to 22 mm.

Flat Fix Tyre Sealant - pure profit

You will save your investment in Flat Fix Tyre Sealant on the first puncture and subsequent punctures are pure profit. The most important thing in tyre repair products is the fiber; this is why we use Kevlar fibers which provide strong permanent repairs.

We know what a downtime of your machines costs

Flat Fix - Aldrig Mer PunkteringWe know that the time your machines are up running is valuable and we know what a puncture cost when you calculate the total cost.

The actual puncture is the small cost. Downtime, repair cost, downtime for other machines caused by a stop, rim damage, transportation to the garage is major costs, often forgotten.

There is an easy way to start saving money today, use Flat Fix Tyre Sealant.

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Flat Fix with Kevlar fibres

Nomex (Kevlar) fibers are used in a variety of products and have helped to save thousands of lives by its use in for example bulletproof vests.

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Tired of punctures?

Do not let a puncture stop your work. With Flat Fix Tyre Sealant in the tyres, you decide when the machines will stop. Run like the professionals - with Flat Fix in the tyres.

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ATB Liquid Tyre Balance

Active Tire Balance - Balancing Liquid is a unique product in the industry. Forget pellets, plastic balls and powder. Now, Active Tire Balance is availible.

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