FlatFix Truck light

Flat Fix Truck Light

Tyre Sealant

Flat Fix Truck Light is a Tyre Sealant which prevent and repair 95% of all common tyre failures and punctures up to 9 mm. 

Original Flat Fix Truck Light


1 liter bottle
20 L

Dosage Table

Drive With Flat Fix

Flat Fix Truck Light is a Tyre Sealant which prevent and repair 95% of all common tyre failures and punctures up to 9 mm. 

Flat Fix with Kevlar

The original Flat Fix Truck Light comprises specially treated constituents of the highest grade, environmentally friendly rust inhibitors for anti-corrosion purposes, adhesion agents, rubber and preservatives; a thoroughly formula to provide a perfect mixture.  

The stronger the fibres, the stronger the tyre repair. The strongest fibres are state-of-the-art synthetic fibres such as those used in tyre cord and bullet proof vests. 

Flat Fix Truck Light can be applied through the valve of the tyre.

Decrease Downtime

Flat Fix Truck Light turn any tyre into a self-sealing tyre. By eliminating 80-95% of flat tyres due to punctures in the crown of a tyre, we can keep your vehilce running, reduce costly road assistance, and eliminate run-flat-tyre.

Important Measures

Vehicles using Flat Fix Truck Light must have their wheels balanced and remain in balance prior to application. For use only in tubeless tyres. Always fit to new or fresh tyres only. Fit to all 4 wheels and any spare wheel. Do not use with low profile tyres (45 profile or less). After fitting, drive very gently below 40 km/h for the first 4 km.

When taken these important measures, the product should be capable of use up to the legal limits applicable to the vehicle.  

For vehicles fitted with TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring systems), check with the manufacturer whether the system is capable of operating with tyresealant in the tyre.

TPMS that operates outside the valves is unaffected by sealant.    



Flat Fix Truck Light is a water based product, it is non-flammable and non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.

Remove with water

Flat Fix Truck Light is easily applied through the valve of any tyre and easily removed with water, when the tyre is disassembled.

Chrome and Cars

Chrome-effect finishes are fragile and not suitable for tyresealants.

Not recommended to use in cars as it may cause some steering wheel wobble, if used in cars.


  • Light Trucks (up to 5 ton)
  • 4x4s car
  • SUV
  • Horse/Boat trailer
  • Caravan

Flat Fix Truck Light with Kevlar for strong repairs