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Flat Fix Tyre Sealant

Flat Fix Tyre Sealant is an innovative liquid solution designed to protect your tyres against 80-95% of all common tyre failures. Flat Fix Tyre Sealant is a preventative maintenance product which is applied inside the tyre and once applied, it will protect the tyre against punctures for the complete tyre life. When a tyre is punctured, Flat Fix Tyre Sealant is forced into the hole and it has the unique capability that when it is pressed that it will form a permanent seal instantly.

Kevlar for strong repairs

Fibres constitute the backbone of the tyre sealant. The stronger the fibres, the stronger the tyre repair. The strongest fibres are state-of-the-art synthetic fibres, same as those used in tyre cord and bulletproof vests. A variety of fibres is also very important, especially in the relatively thin carcass of an ATV, golf buggy or lawn care equipment tyre. The more varied the fibres in both length and degree of branching, the faster the seal forms and the more permanent the seal is.

Once a strong plug is formed by the fibres, the final seal is provided by filler particles which lodge between the fibres to form an effective airtight plug. The use of these fillers is imperative for a high performance sealant.

FAQ - Flat Fix Tyre Sealant

Flat Fix is a chemical product that when installed inside a tyre will provide full time protection against air loss for the entire life of the tyre. Flat Fix seals punctures, as you run. Flat Fix extends the life of the tyre by maintaining proper air pressure and preventing air loss.

Kevlar fibers are five times stronger than steel. The stronger the fibers, the stronger the tyre repair. We use Kevlar because it is the strongest fibers availible.

We do not recommend to use Flat Fix tyre sealant in cars. The reason is that a car will  easily be imbalanced when add fluid into the tyres. 

Flat Fix is drawn to the area of the escaping air. As the tyre rotates and strikes the surface of the road, the hole stretches open and the rubber particles, Kevlar fibers and other fibers finds the cavity. The fibers wrap around the rubber and form a permanent and flexible plug, similar to the action of a beaver pond.

The loss of air pressure from the tyre where the hole is, draws fibers and particles to the area of the escaping air. By this the leak is found and sealed.

The shelf life of Flat Fix is practically indefinite as long as the drum is closed and no evaporation occurs.

No, Flat Fix is chemically inert.

Flat Fix has been tested to -35 and +40 degrees Celsius.
Yes and No. Flat Fix contains specially selected compounds which prevent this from happening. About 30% of the sealant remains in place covering the interior of the tread at all times.

Yes, Flat Fix Premium seal damages up to 5 mm in hoses. However, it is vital to remove the penetrating object. Failure to do so will result in the object flexing in the tyre and shredding the hose until it is destroyed. Although we can’t guarantee that the sealant always permanently seal a puncture, due to the condition of the hose. But we do guarantee that as long as the tyre is in motion, you will reach your destination, and when stop, if damage have occurred to the hose, it may lose air.

How it works

As the tyre rotates, the product distribut evenly over the inside surface. The moment a puncture arise, the air pressure in the tyre forces millions of fibre particles and fillers together in ethylene and/or propylene glycol to interlock, which plugs the hole in the tread area preventing any further air loss within one or two rotations of the wheel. This action is so rapid that the driver may not know a puncture has happened. Later, when the tyre is inspected, if the object which caused the puncture is still there, it can be removed. After removal, the vehicle must be driven immediately to enable the sealant to re-seal.

Depending on the grade of sealant used, holes up to 30 mm  can be repaired using this technology.

Flat Fix is a worry free solution

Once Flat Fix is applied, it will offer protection for 35-45 punctures. It has been designed to work at extreme operating temperatures from –35° to +40°. Flat Fix is non-toxic and non-flammable, for safe use. Because Flat Fix Tyre Sealant is bio degradable, it is easy to remove (rinse out with water) and easy to dispose.

FAQ - Flat Fix Tyre Sealant

No. There is too much flexing in the sidewalls and a temporary plug would be a safety factor.

No, Flat Fix will always stay in the same condition as it was when it was filled into the tyre, because the tyre is a closed container and dehyration of the liquid will not happen.

Yes. Flat Fix Premium, Flat Fix XXL and Flat Fix Truck is designed for use in any pneumatic tyre. For the kind of tyres requiring an extra amount of protection, such as those on entrepreneur machines, or tyres used in severe off road environments, we have this special adjusted formula.

Aerosol products treat tyres only after a puncture has occurred. Even then, it is a temporary seal. The tyre will still have to be taken to a repair shop, where it will be demontained, the seal removed, the puncture patched and the tyre remounted. If the puncture resulted in damage to the rim or sidewalls, the costs can be really high. In respect to safety hazard, aerosol products are usually highly flammable. Flat Fix, on the other hand, is installed preventative to avoid puncture, and it is non-flammable.

No. Flat Fix is environmentally friendly, non-hazardous, and non-flammable.

Flat Fix extends the life of the tyre. As a glycol based product, it protects the tyre from excessive heat, prevents porosity, dry rot and rim leaks. Shelf life of Flat Fix is practically indefinite as long as the cointainer is closed and no dehydration occurs.

After filling, Flat Fix remains fluent for the life of the tyre and rim installation. As the tyre rotates, centrifugal force divides the liquid evenly over the tread of the tyre. When a puncture occurs, thousands of interlocking fibers seal the opening and prevent any loss of air. This process is repeated each time a puncture occurs. Flat Fix also cools down the tyre and have anti corrosive effekt on the rims.

Flat Fix Tyre Sealant is applied quickly and easily through the valve. Average installation time is just a few minutes per tyre.

Both. However if the tyres are used, you should add approximately 30 ml above what indicated in Flat Fix dosage chart. Due to open pores of the used tyre, some of the Flat Fix will be absorbed into the tyre.

This cannot be predetermined, as size of opening, air pressure, tyre surface area and where the puncture occurs in relation to rotation will vary the results.